Jenny 3 Piece Country Ruffled Swags & Filler Valance Window Curtains Set


SKU: 4500-swag-set-45-slate-1 1/2rp

Country Ruffled Swags Curtains Set! Our unique Jenny 3 piece country ruffled swags & filler valance window curtains sets offer an charming country swag curtains look with natural color curtain bodies and ruffle accented with a colored ruffle band and our very own unique stitch edging called Wave Crest. Available in a choice of 6 accenting fabrics - slate blue, rose, sage green, navy blue, wine & hunter green. Jenny country swags curtains set features 5 1/2 inch wide ruffles and great fullness in appearance. Each 3 piece curtains set includes one pair of ruffled swags window curtains + one ruffled filler valance + two matching hand tied pin on bows to create this look. These unique country ruffled swags curtains made by Window Toppers are a favorite of our customers offering a hard to find country ruffled curtain style that looks great in both traditional and country home decor. Measures 132 inches wide per 3 piece set and will accommodate approximately 30 - 45 inches of window width and can easily be adapted to accommodate wider window widths by using / ordering additional Jenny Country Ruffled Filler Valances between the swags (sold separately). Use one additional filler valance for every 15 - 20 inches of added window width between the swags. Decorative pin on bows note -two bows come with the 3 piece set, none come with filler valance when ordered separately. Separate bows can be purchased individually separately, add one for each additional filler valance ordered to achieve the look pictured. Can be ordered with choice of 1 1/2 or 3 inch wide rod pocket, main image shows swag set with 3 inch rod pocket. Fabric content is 70% polyester / 30% cotton offering the easy care of being machine washable. These delightful country ruffled swags curtains are sold as a set - 3 pieces (as pictured). Coordinating tiers (sold separately) can be combined with this delightful country ruffled swag curtains set to create privacy. MADE IN THE USA ! *Please note - some alternate images show coordinating items which are sold separately.

  • 135 inches wide per 3 piece set
  • accommodates 30 - 45 inches of window width and easily adapts to wider windows by adding additional filler valances
  • sold as a set - 3 pieces - 1 pair of swags + matching filler valance
  • choice of lengths - 45, 54, 63 & 72 inches
  • comes with one pair of matching hand tied pin on decorative bows
  • solid natural color curtain body
  • choice of 6 accenting colors
  • our unique Wave Crest stitched edging
  • 5 1/2 inch wide ruffles
  • choice of rod pocket size - 1 1/2 or 3 inch
  • machine washable polyester / cotton blend fabric
  • coordinating items available - sold separately

Coordinating Items: (sold separately)

  • 45 x 14 Separate Ruffled Filler Valance - 1 1/2" or 3" Rod Pocket - *length cannot be customized.
  • Small Pin on Curtain Bow (one)
  • 80 x 24, 30, 36, or 45 Ruffled Tiers - 1 1/2" Rod Pocket



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