5 Easy Curtain Ideas for Bay Windows

Are you looking for some great curtain ideas for your wide bay windows? If you are looking to keep your purchase affordable and easy to hang, here are 5 Easy Bay Window Curtain solutions that anybody can hang and create a great look in their home.

1. 3 Piece Swags & Valance Curtain Sets

Swags for Bay Windows

Our 3 piece Swags & Valance Curtain Sets are a complete window treatment which can easily be adapted to wide windows by using additional filler valances. this works extremely well with wide bay windows. Most bay window setups consist of 3 or more window areas of standard width adjoining each other. To use our 3 Piece Swags & Filler Valance Sets simply place the swags (choice of ruffled or tailored) on the end windows and use the filler valances over each individual window in between.

2. Valances with Tiers

Using a valance with coordinating tiers is a simple way to create privacy in your bay windows. Many home owners like this window treatment solution if their bay window faces a street or anywhere people can see in easily. By placing the valances on the rods above the window and tiers (choice of ruffled tiers or tailored tiers) to cover the lower half of the window it will allow sunlight and a view out between the tiers and valance but block most of the un wanted views through the window from the outside.

3. Ruffled Priscillas.

If you fancy the long flowing ruffles and the classsic look that ruffled priscilla curtains offer there is a way to adapt these to use in your bay windows.

a. One Rod - We offer many ruffled priscilla curtain styles in wide widths like our our style Heather Ruffled Priscillas with attached Top Ruffle. The attached top ruffle eliminates the need for a separate valance. This will make your work easy as it is a one rod window treatment.

Heather Ruffled Bay Window curtains

b. Multiple Rods - We offer coordinating ruffled valances for most of our ruffled priscilla curtains. Simply place the priscilla curtain bodies on the end windows and place the coordinating valances over each indidual window.

4.Tie Up Valances

Tie Up Valance for Bay Windows

Tie up valances are one of the most popular window treatments today and look fantastic in bay windows. This a great bay window curtain solution if you have individual windows and need separate curtains to hang on each rod.

5. Panels

Grommet Panels for Bay Windows

Using panel curtains in bay windows is a creative solution for a more contemporary look. Simply gather the panels at the sides of the window allowing the long curtain body to frame the viewing area out of the window.  If the need should arise where you need to close the panels for privacy or to block sunlight, simply close the panels by hand. If you think you may have to close them at times for this reason, we suggest maybe selecting a grommet panel or tab top panel for this application in your bay windows.


April 17, 2018 by Louise Chace

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